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16 years

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Ion looks forward to teaching others about Moldovan culture and folklore this year, and learning about American traditions, cuisine, sports, and beyond! He considers himself to be very family-oriented, tolerant to differences, open-minded, and creative. “My favorite activity is photography because it has no limits. Photography is more than an application and practice of creating images – photography is an art, a way to express your feelings and experiences. You can develop your skills step by step.” Ion hopes to use these skills in the future when pursuing a career related to photography, architecture, and design.

Are there any sports fans in your family? “In my free time, I like to watch professional soccer, especially Champions League!” Ion also enjoys playing basketball, and going to the gym. One of his goals for this year is to learn how to swim. Ion has been volunteering for the local Public Administration Office for the past few years. He is interested to see what types of volunteer opportunities he will be exposed to in his host community.

When it comes to relationships with friends, Ion shares “we are undivided like a family and show our mutual confidence in times of trouble, and in happy moments. In our free time, we like to walk a lot together, to joke, and to explore new places.” According to his teacher, Ion loves getting involved in school activities, and works very well with other students. He participates in school round-table discussions to open his mind to new ideas and share his perspective with others. It’s without a doubt that Ion will be a great match for any family that chooses to host him!

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