2013 IEW Contest Winners Announced!

2013 IEW Contest Winners Announced!

For one week in November, American Councils students participated in the annual International Education Week (IEW), where they made three presentations each (at least!) to their host school and community. To demonstrate all of their creative ideas for presentations and their reflections upon IEW, American Councils held a series of IEW themed contests, calling for students to share pictures, stories, and successes of their week of presentations.

We received many submissions for the contests and are excited to announce the winners for each of the contests! Take a look at the compilation of the winning submissions to see just how much effort our students put into the IEW presentations!


Best PowerPoint:

1.       Ginte Petrulionyte, ExCEL- Lithuania

2.       Tamilla Imanova, FLEX- Russia

3.       Sava Jovetic, A-SMYLE- Serbia

Best Photo:

1.       Vitaliy Shestakov, FLEX-Russia

2.       Atemlefec Nkeng-Asong, YES-Cameroon

3.       Natavan Mamedova, FLEX-Kyrgyzstan

Most Creative Non-PowerPoint Presentation:

1.       Sheikh Farhan Mahmood, YES- Bangladesh

2.       Shujaat Khan, YES-Pakistan

3.       Tamar Buachidze, FLEX-Georgia

Best Artistic Response to IEW:

1.       Dwiki Ristanto, YES-Indonesia

2.       Olha Mamchur, FLEX-Ukraine

3.       Muhammad Tawakkal, YES-Indonesia

Best Written Response to IEW:

1.       Junda Andriuskeviciute, ExCEL- Lithuania

2.       Gregorius Pradipta, YES-Indonesia

3.       Khaldoun Abou Dargham, YES-Lebanon