"Host An Ambassador" Video and Print Campaign!

"Host An Ambassador" Video and Print Campaign!

This year, the International Student Support Team is holding its first annual “Host an Ambassador” Campaign! Now is your chance to encourage families and individuals across the U.S. to host a bright, young scholarship student (like YOU!) next year. Create a short video (think: TV commercial) or print/artwork that makes the case for becoming a host family with American Councils. Why should people host scholarship students?

For videos, be creative and explore formats, from interviewing your host family to showing viewers what you and your fellow exchange students are like through “day in the life” highlights.

Print submissions may include slogans, logos, posters, or other original artwork that may be incorporated into future promotional materials!



  • Videos should be 45 to 90 seconds in length
  • Videos must include student’s full name, exchange program, and country
  • Videos must include the phrase “host a student” or “host an ambassador”
  • Videos should demonstrate how the student has made an impact in their communities (with host family, school, community service, etc.) and how their scholarship programs have facilitated these connections and experiences.
  • Videos may be edited for content and time restraints.
  • Print/artwork should include “host a student” or “host an ambassador”
  • Print/artwork should be available in a digital format and should be of high quality


Deadline: Submissions are due Monday, December 15, 2014. Please send all submissions via email to acinbound@gmail.com.


Winning entries will be featured on our website and used in future promotional materials!