The Ideal Family

The Ideal Family

An ideal host family comes in all shapes and sizes. Single, married, no kids, five kids, empty nesters – any of these arrangements can make up a great host family.  On the other hand, basic qualifications for host families are straightforward: a bed for the student to sleep in, meals, rides/transportation, and treating your student like one of the family, no matter how your family is made up.


When hosting a high school exchange student, you do not need to have a child close in age to be a host family candidate. We match students with families to best fit your lifestyle and interests – and vice versa!


There is one singular trait every ideal family does have in common – the desire and willingness to share their language, culture, and love with a student for the entirety of the student’s stay. If you are eager to be an ambassador for that purpose, then you are halfway there!


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