Why Host an Exchange Student?

Why Host an Exchange Student?

For a year, you will share your home, family, and life with someone who, in the beginning, will be a total stranger. It takes a special kind of family to consider themselves as potential hosts, and it’s only natural to ask, “What does my family have to gain from it?”


Kids whose parents host an exchange student are often inspired to study abroad, learn a new language, or travel in the future. In our progressively more globally connected world, an appreciation and respect for cultures beyond one’s own is a valuable, marketable outlook.


“Normal” is relative, and by hosting exchange students, you will find yourself looking at once familiar sights, such as a monument or typical meal, with a newfound appreciation.


The bond you form with your exchange student is not a common one, and it will leave you with a larger, richer family than before. Many families visit their students abroad or keep in touch long after the exchange experience officially ends.

Hosting a bright, young scholarship student is an investment in your family’s future educational and cultural perspective. Not only does your family benefit, but you also have the opportunity to touch a life and share a drop of the vast melting pot that is American culture. We think that sounds like a pretty big gain.