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We support high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students from more than 50 countries. While in the US, our students are proud to serve as citizen ambassadors for their respective countries. Upon returning home, they continue to carry their positive experiences of the US—especially their host communities—throughout their lives. 

    Zainab from Bahrain loves to start her day with sunrise yoga. This practice helps her feel mindful and find calmness. She has a wide circle of girlfriends and loves to meet new people. “What I like the most is when my friends and I gather together to laugh, play and sometimes go through the unforgettable moments of our life.” Zainab is really great with children and loves helping take care of her little nephews. She has a big extended family that likes to travel to new countries together. They also frequently visit the seaside and practice water activities in Bahrain.  


    “My favorite activity is when I perform for people. I enjoy trying new costumes of different cultures and I really enjoy the audience’s facial expressions.” Zainab hopes to join her U.S. high school’s theater club! Her other interests including creating and editing short films and practicing public speaking through her local toastmasters’ chapter. “I am an active person that loves fitness and athletic games and really enjoy practicing them all.” Zainab would love to try some new sports while in America, including track and field, skating, and skiing.  


    In the future, Zainab hopes to study dentistry and simultaneously become a theater director. During her YES year, Zainab looks forward to taking part in American holiday traditions and trying new foods. In particular, she can’t wait to try turkey on her first Thanksgiving. “Being a part of this exchange program is one of my dreams. I believe that it will allow me to shape my personality, learn about other cultures and meet different people.” She can’t wait to meet her host family soon and start making exciting memories together! 



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