Paige Brewer, Program Officer

International exchanges have been a big part of Paige’s academic and professional lives over the past several years. She studied abroad in Poland, China, and Russia before teaching English in Kazakhstan, where she worked closely with FLEX students and alumni. While serving as a FLEX participant recruiter for three seasons, she traveled to several FLEX countries, particularly in Central Asia. She worked with American Councils full-time in DC since 2017 on the Secondary School Programs Enhancement Team before joining our team in February 2019. 

Now a Program Officer for the International Student Support Team at American Councils, Paige’s responsibilities include evaluating host family applications, travel requests, and Local Coordinator onboarding. Paige also helps with capacity-building and host family outreach.

Paige received her BA from the University of Louisville in Political Science with a minor in Russian studies.

Paige Brewer