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16 years

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"Hi, I’m Arina and I am your future daughter from Armenia!” Arina feels lucky to have a supportive, loving family, with grandparents who have passed on their amazing cooking skills and chess-playing strategies. She loves spending time with her mom, drinking tea together, watching movies, and telling funny stories. “My friends and family describe me as an optimist, reliable, ambitious, hardworking, and kind person. 


One of Arina’s favorite sports is table-tennis, and she’s even had the opportunity to join a few local competitions. Other sports that she enjoys include basketball and swimming. “My favorite activity is volunteering because it brought so much happiness to my life knowing that I have made someone else smile. Doing something good for your community is the best feeling ever.”  Arina hopes to volunteer and learn how to play some new sports during her exchange year. Since she’s a naturally creative person, Arina enjoys taking piano and traditional dance lessons. She also makes handicrafts and occasionally likes to draw. 


When it comes to the future, Arina has considered many paths, everything from becoming a professional sculptor to a surgeon, scientist, or policewoman. In the end, she’s decided that she would like to be a programmer. “I consider programming a creative act, which involves aesthetics. I am going to make programs that will make people’s lives easier – that’s my goal!” When Arina thinks about the U.S., she feels excited to learn more about American history and eager to experience the culture firsthand. “I truly appreciate your willingness to opening your home and soul doors to me and letting me in. I already imagine the wonderful times we are going to spend with each other!” 


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