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“Greetings to you from the land of a mind-blowing view of the Ararat mountain!” Aram can’t wait to cook some traditional Armenian dishes for his future American family and friends, including dolma, delicious stuffed grape leaves, and khorovats, grilled barbeque.  When he spends time with friends, Aram can often be found playing a competitive game of soccer or volleyball or brushing up on one of his many foreign languages. His friends also know he’s great at giving advice!  


Aram may be the future star of his high school’s musical, as he loves to sing and dance! He’s a fan of traditional Armenian dancing and shares he wants to learn “every type of dance,” especially hip hop. Every week, Aram volunteers to teach children about religion at a local orphanage. “It gives me great joy to teach kids. I love it because the children are so honest, joyful and open for communication. They like my sense of humor and kindness!” Aram also loves pets, especially dogs! 


His teachers and classmates feel that Aram is dedicated to his schoolwork, and is a collaborative, reliable peer when part of any group project.  To Aram, his exchange year is a time where he can build on his communication skills and grow further as an individual. He sees himself having a future career as either an economist or programmer. He is also interested in missionary work to help those in need around the world.  For now, though, Aram is excited for new adventures as an exchange student in the U.S. He shares, “Thank you for choosing me! I look forward to being a part of your family.”



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