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16 years

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When writing to her new host parents, friendly and social Arkejsi says she’s “excited and touched” to be welcomed into a new home. As one of four siblings, Arkejsi can easily get along with anyone, young or old, and really enjoys doing family activities. Her three favorite family outings are taking road trips, having family picnics, and going to the beach. She also enjoys helping her mom cook, as food is a big part of her family life. While she learned some traditional recipes from her grandmother, her favorite thing to make is pizza. She says “everyone who knows me loves my pizzas.”  


Arkejsi has felt inspired by American culture for many years now—from building a lemonade stand with her friends to watching American cooking shows—and she can’t wait to experience it first-hand!  She says, “I have been dreaming for this moment my whole life, and now it’s time for this dream to come true!” Arkejsi is also enthusiastic about her love of animals. She once dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, saying “animals really give me that kind of love and joy that I think everyone needs in their life.” While Arkejsi still loves animals, these days her passion for foreign languages guides her career interests. She is currently working on her English, Italian, and German—but she’s always open to add another!   


While in the US, Arkejsi is excited to share her traditions, meet new people, and make lasting connections. Above all, Arkejsi can’t wait to meet her host family and says, “With you, my new family, I’m ready to share the culture of my country and everything related to it. I’m ready to change my routine into a new kind of living and enjoying this experience in the best way possible!” 


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