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Bai Adrienne Alcina

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16 years

About Bai Adrienne Alcina

Bai Adrienne Alcina, or Adrienne as she likes to be called, is a friendly, generous, and engaged member of her community. Adrienne keeps herself very busy by participating in many hobbies and activities. She loves to spend her free time pursuing her diverse interests, which include activities like journalism, theatre, dance, music, and sports. Her greatest love, however, is volunteering. Adrienne says, helping other people and being a volunteer is my passion and it is the best thing that I am doing in this world! 


Adrienne is a true nature lover, and her favorite activity is planting trees. Even if planting a tree is a small thing, she believes it can have a big impact. Adrienne says, “I enjoy planting trees, caring for them, and making them grow healthy, as I care for myself.” Adrienne hopes that she will have the opportunity to volunteer and give back to her host community, perhaps by planting some beautiful trees while living there! Adrienne also looks forward to learning from people of different backgrounds, playing football and baseball, performing in a play, and taking part in journalism activities!  


Adrienne’s main motivation for participating in the YES program is to learn as much as she can and broaden her knowledge in order to ultimately serve her home community. She hopes to serve as a role model for her community and be a source of encouragement for others to reach for success. She says, “I hope to gain a lot of knowledge and experiences in my time in the US so that I can advocate for my community when I am back in the Philippines.” 


Adrienne is so excited to learn and share with her future host family. She wants to tell her host family, “Thank you so much for opening your home to me!” 


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