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15 years

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Carole is a very open-minded and curious individual! She says that her family has instilled in her many values like “love, equality, responsibility, and much more.” Carole says that one of her most joyous responsibilities is helping her younger siblings understand those same values that were taught to her.  


Music is one of Carole’s main passions. She loves to sing, and she likes to try her hand at all musical instruments. She is already skilled at playing the piano and guitar, but Carole is really hoping that she’ll have the opportunity to learn how to play another instrument in America. In fact, she says, “In the US, I would greatly enjoy learning how to play the cello, which is yet another instrument I’m very passionate about! Carole has found many avenues to pursue her passion for music. In school, she participates in a Broadway club, combining her love of music with her interest in theatre!  


For the past three years, Carole has volunteered with a charity organization serving those in need. She loves to spend her free time helping others because, as she says, “What really brings me joy is putting a smile on someone else’s face.” She describes the feeling of bringing joy to others as beautiful and euphoric.  


Carole is eager to start her exchange year in the US, and she wants her future host family to know how very grateful she is. She says, “No matter how many words I write down, I won’t ever be able to express my gratitude for you taking me under your safe wings.”



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