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We support high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students from more than 50 countries. While in the US, our students are proud to serve as citizen ambassadors for their respective countries. Upon returning home, they continue to carry their positive experiences of the US—especially their host communities—throughout their lives. 

Amirshoh describes himself as being a creative humanist. He has many interests and likes to keep busy and gain life experiences in all that he does. With his family, Amirshoh loves to travel to different places in his country and go on picnics. He says that his country has many beautiful natural places and that picnics are one of the best activities for families to enjoy together. Amirshoh takes inspiration from nature and really enjoys this quality time with his family.

Amirshoh spends his free time watching films, going to different festivals and music concerts, playing soccer with his friends, and reading books and poems. But his favorite activity is volunteering because it “personifies kindness and peace.” Amirshoh loves to help others in different ways. He values being able to interact with his community and gain different experiences. As he does in his hometown, Amirshoh will jump at the chance to volunteer in his host community!

Amirshoh wishes to express his gratitude to his future host family for providing this great life experience. He says he is very excited to participate in FLEX because living in the U.S. will allow him to learn about and understand new rules and tactics that will certainly impact his future life and career.

Amirshoh is very eager to join his new host community. He loves meeting new people and enjoys having different experiences. He shares, “If my community is positive, people are friendly and kind, I’m getting enormous energy, the energy which will embody kindness and esteem for everyone.”

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