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American Councils works exclusively with high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students. Alumni include heads of state, educators, entrepreneurs, and more. They are exemplary citizens of their countries and carry their positive experience of the U.S.—especially their host parent or family—throughout their lives. Learn more about some of our Featured Students below.

Shkelqesa, or “Qesa” as her friends call her, describes herself as cheerful, open-minded, and creative. When it comes to playing sports, Shkelqesa jumps at the opportunity to join in a competitive game of volleyball, basketball, or soccer. She loves spending time in nature, especially hiking or mountain biking with her family and friends. Shkelqesa’s artistic side shines through in her breathtaking drawings and paintings. When she’s not practicing the piano, she can spend hours in the studio crafting a new sculpture. She is the true definition of a well-rounded student. Shkelqesa finds joy in tutoring children after school. Her U.S. high school will be lucky to receive contributions from an exchange student’s perspective, as she currently writes for her school newspaper in Kosovo as well.  Shkelqesa is very excited to form lasting bonds in the U.S. She says: “What really made me interested in YES is that you become a member of the country you are visiting for an entire year. Whatever you do in that year could affect people you never thought you would meet.” Shkelqesa can’t wait to learn more about your family’s traditions and to be a part of your holiday celebrations and special moments this year!

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