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Thank you for your interest in hosting an American Councils scholarship student.

Before a placement with a student in your home can be finalized, the following will need to occur as part of American Councils‘ placement process:

1. Submission and processing of the online Host Family Application, including your signed application and agreement to host, reference phone calls, background screening on all family members 18 or older, as well as photos of your home and family. In order to ensure that there are no delays with your application, we highly recommend completing the Background Screening before you submit the host family application.

2. In-home interview conducted by an American Councils representative, at which time additional photos may be taken or taken if not already received and on file with your application.

3. The securing of a place for your student at an accredited local high school and a signed School Enrollment Form (obtained by American Councils).

       Host Family Application      
       Background Screening