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American Councils works exclusively with high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students. Alumni include heads of state, educators, entrepreneurs, and more. They are exemplary citizens of their countries and carry their positive experience of the U.S.—especially their host parent or family—throughout their lives. Learn more about some of our Featured Students below.

    Sadia is sure to add joy to her host family’s home with her upbeat personality. When she’s not cracking jokes, she enjoys dancing and making up freestyle choreography to her favorite songs. She also loves sports and community service. She stays energized by joining in a competitive game of cricket or badminton. Sadia considers herself to be an independent, creative, and curious person who loves to go on new adventures. She says, “I love to meet and connect with people, which is probably why I have been blessed with many friends.”

    After school, Sadia fills her time with many exciting extracurricular activities, including groups like mock cabinet and debate. She applies her creativity to the school yearbook and likes to occasionally draw in her sketchbook. Sadia considers the literary club to be “one of the best things that has happened in my life so far.” She aspires to become an English or economics professor in the future. In addition, she has a dream to one day become an author and “someone who can provide readers with a magical escape from reality and silk-woven words.”

    During her exchange year, Sadia looks forward to trying new sports like track and field and taking advantage of any arts-focused clubs that her host school has to offer like band or drama. She hopes to share her culture with others by showcasing her traditional dance skills. She looks forward to understanding American culture and diversity firsthand and feels that “this experience will help me become an aware, empathetic, and responsible global citizen!”


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