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We support high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students from more than 50 countries. While in the US, our students are proud to serve as citizen ambassadors for their respective countries. Upon returning home, they continue to carry their positive experiences of the US—especially their host communities—throughout their lives. 

As the eldest in his family, Abd El Rahman shoulders a lot of responsibilities at home. He takes his younger sister to and from her kindergarten class, helps his brother with homework, and handles many of the household chores. When he has free time, Abd El Rahman enjoys playing football with his friends, playing videogames with his brother, and visiting his grandmother and aunt. Abd El Rahman especially loves the warm temperature and sea breeze that make his city so special.

Abd El Rahman has a passion for science and technology. At school, he is an active member of the science club and UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System), and during the summer, he participates in a robotics camp. He notes how challenging robotics can be but takes pride in what he can produce with his team. In the future, Abd El Rahman dreams of being an inventor or studying aviation engineering.

While participating in the YES program, Abd El Rahman is most excited to visit amusement parks, aquariums, and museums with his new American friends, and possibly go hiking or rowing in his new community. While at home and at school, he wants to serve as a cultural ambassador, representing the best of his country, debunking misconceptions, and creating mutual tolerance.

To his new family, he says, “I am an easy-going person, simple and easily satisfied. I learn how to benefit from obstacles, difficulties, and hardships that I face. I would like to tell you that you can depend on me and I am ready to learn things that are new to me.

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