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We support high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students from more than 50 countries. While in the US, our students are proud to serve as citizen ambassadors for their respective countries. Upon returning home, they continue to carry their positive experiences of the US—especially their host communities—throughout their lives. 

Family is very important to Tala, and even though her father spends much of the year working in Spain, she greatly values the time they have together. She explains, “My family is my priority, and the thing that I love the most about my family is that we respect, trust, love and care about each other enormously.” The family’s favorite activities are watching movies together, doing puzzles, going to concerts, and having barbecues in the mountains.

Tala also enjoys physical and creative activities, like gymnastics and photography. She is passionate about arts and sports and hopes to become a leader in business in the future, even creating her own community center one day. She dreams that at this center, “every art or sports tool is available and everyone can practice all kids of arts and sports, share their stories, pursue their dreams and enjoy their teen hood doing what they love.”

Tala believes that her exchange year will help her pursue her dreams “because of the amount of new things I am going to learn in the US, like leadership and planning skills.” She hopes the YES experience will help her improve her character, develop her responsibility, and become “the woman I always wanted to be.” Tala is very excited to become a part of your family and wants her future host family to know that “I cannot wait to meet you, hug you, make you my second family and have the best year of my life with you.”

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